1953 Ford F8 Truck

1953 Ford F8 Truck

This show-stopping metallic light green vintage Ford V8 truck was on display at a parking lot car show in Fort Worth, Texas. You can see restaurant signs reflected in the curves . . . I took these carshow photos loooong before I ever thought of painting anything, so I just don't have any detailed information. I would love to meet the owners again someday...

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Hey guys and girls! I started painting cars on wood panels in 2014 - it's a super slow art method, but I love the combination of retro machinery and woodgrain. Aside from art lessons for a couple of years as a kid, I don't have any formal training in drawing or painting - in fact, I studied piano performance in college. This whole project began after visiting the (then) vintage car collection at The Stable Performance Cars in Alpine, Texas over several years . . . I'd reproduced a few vintage travel posters from the early 1900s and thought - What if I tried to paint one of these cars? I started with the 1951 mint green Mercury in 2014 and well, it was a LOT harder to paint from photographs than I expected. The next project was the 1939 grey Cadillac sedan and no kidding it took me 2 full years to finish because I kept stopping out of weariness. Those two were my trial by fire. Each car still takes months to finish, but I don't spend that time worrying if it's even worth it to TRY - I love these old cars and I just try to stay in the moment and enjoy the process, no matter how long it takes. So here's to all you persevering self-taught folks - hat's off! Keep at it! Most of these paintings are available as fine art prints in my CarAndCraft Etsy store, and I'm working on several more big projects for 2018 - Like and Share if you enjoyed looking at these beautiful metal machines!

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