Welcome to the Rimac C_Two challenge!

Winners announcement!

Judges have decided! Each artwork was rated from 1 to 10 by each judge.

C_Two challenge winners

1st place (28 points) - Slavik Dolganuk

2nd place (27 points) - Miro Carbo

3rd place (25 points) - Siddharth

Most likes award (40 likes) - Gonzalo Abascal

Honorable mentions:

24 points - Darko Iker, Thomas Unger and Dimka Shiskov

23 points - Toni Jelić, Ivanov Semyon, Abi Powell, Luca Zanfini and Leszek Florek

Congratulations to all winners and huge respect to all participants for their effort!

C_Two art challenge is finished. Winners will be announced on December 21st!

Draw to Drive is happy to announce the cooperation with Rimac Automobili in the following art challenge.
Based on the recent huge success of Rimac C_Two we have decided to organize this challenge and give you the chance to create your electrified artwork and get great exposure.

Participants are not restricted on a specific technique, only requirement is that you stick to Rimac C_Two theme. We want to see how you perceive C_Two, so be free to express yourself in any way you want.


Challenge duration: 13.11.2018. - 15.12.2018

Winners Announcement

Winners will be officially announced on DrawtoDrive.com, Draw to Drive social networks as well as Rimac Automobili social networks.

Artwork Submission

To enter“Rimac C_Two Challenge” participants must publish their artwork on DrawtoDrive.com using “#C_Two” hashtag. All artwork submitted with mentioned hashtag before deadline will be accepted unless theme is not C_Two in which case that artwork will be disqualified and will not be judged. We encourage you to use other relevant hashtags beside “#C_Two” as well.
Artwork can be posted scanned or as photo.


Artists participating in “Rimac C_Two Challenge” must have name and surname written on DrawToDrive.com profile. You can do it by login into your Draw to Drive profile, going on your profile page and clicking the edit button. (Personal details are not part of the public profile).


Judges will announce first three places plus the one which has most likes on DrawToDrive.com. If the one with most likes will be already announced as one of the first three by judges, next one with most likes will be announced as an additional winner. By judging participants artwork focus will be on creativity, quality, rendering (if any), perspective and sketching skills. Photo or scan quality could also have impact when judging your artwork.


All winners will be announced on Draw to Drive social netwroks and will be awarded with Draw to Drive t-shirt. Beside Rimac Automobili offers prizes for first three places:

1st place – feature on Rimac Automobili social networks + Rimac shirt + Rimac poster + company tour voucher + Draw to Drive t-shirt
2nd place – Rimac notebook + Rimac poster + company tour voucher + Draw to Drive t-shirt
3rd place – Rimac poster + company tour voucher + Draw to Drive t-shirt
most liked - Draw to Drive t-shirt


Adriano Mudri - head of design at Rimac Automobili
George F. Williams – professional automotive photographer
Tomislav Palatinuš – founder of Draw to Drive

Terms of Publicity

The „Rimac C_Two Challenge“ participants grant Draw to Drive and Rimac Automobili rights to use all entered materials in any media for promotional purposes. Participants retain copyright of all entered materials and are free to use said materials for personal promotion.

The participants have permission and are encouraged to share their entry progress in social media networks during the challenge.

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