Mercedes-Benz C63S AMG Brabus

Mercedes-Benz C63S AMG Brabus

This was an interesting project. When I came across @w1cked_63s car in #wekfest last month, I was eager to do a collaboration with him. At first we wanted to wait until he gets another photoshoot because he recently installed Brabus carbon fiber front lip, but I decided to challenge myself to draw the lip base on multiple source photos. Another challenge was the tarmac , it took a very long time to recreate the mixture of black and white dots. It turns out quite well. ✌️ Special thanks to @w1cked_63s and @mayank_p for the awesome opportunity to work with you. πŸ™ We will be showing the original drawing at @spocom this Saturday. The drawing looks better in person, we lost some details due to compression by IG. Drop by to say hello. Would love to meet you guys. πŸ–€ I also want to thank all the people who has shown support for me and this page. I truly appreciate it. Now I take a break. 😎 - Drawing Specification: Time: 80 Hours Media: Graphite mechanical pencil, eraser, ink, brush and tissue. Size: 14x17" Border: 0.5” - Turn on notification to see daily drawing update. Check my highlight to see the entire process.

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David Kao

When David was a little kid, his father brought him to an auto shop to pick up their car. David stared and wondered the complexity of the mechanical parts underneath the car, he immediately fell in love with cars. David started drawing cars when he was 3 years old and continued to improve his drawing skills ever since. Back in the day, his drawings were just few simple lines and circles. David’s drawing skills are self taught through countless of trial and error, developing a set of techniques through the years. It was a endless learning process, because he is never satisfied with his drawings. It wasn’t until when David is 19 years old. David started working on realism. He started by paying attention to reflection, small details, shading techniques, blending techniques, etc. Now he is closer to making his drawing photo-realistic due to his dedication and passion for drawing cars. Today, David still has strong passion for drawings and love for cars . However, as he graduated from UC Merced school and started his working life, Now he manages two companies and several brands in the US. He wants to continue to create more drawings. We sure will see more drawings or beautiful products in the future from David.

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