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Thank you for your decision to help.

We are trying to get funded by European Union innovation funds. And as you probably know bureaucracy is made to complicate things :) So if we want to get under advisement for funding we need to prove there is a real market need for the service we want to provide. E-mail sent from interested party is considered valid proof of potential market, but there is a catch, it needs to be written in Croatian.

So we have written this e-mail in Croatian, please copy the text, fill out your name and surname and mail it to

English translation is available underneath the Croatian version, or you can just press the button and Google translate the whole page.

As a reward for your support everybody that sends the requested e-mail will get an exclusive view of planned Draw to Drive platform redesign.

Copy and send to bold text underneath this line:


prema vasoj zamolbi ovim putem iskazujem svoj interes da u slucaju redizajna i nadogradnje Draw to Drive platforme modulima koji to omogucuju. Platformu cu koristiti da objavljujem ili pregledavam umjetnicke radove te prodajem ili kupujem plakate, majice, salice, originalne crteze, slike i druge artikle koje će biti dostupni na platformi.

Lijep pozdrav,
(name and surname)

DO NOT mail this translation:


according to your request, I hereby express my interest in the case of redesigning and upgrading the Draw to Drive platform with the modules that enable it. I will use the platform to publish or review artwork and to sell or buy posters, t-shirts, mittens, original drawings, paintings and other items that will be available on the platform.


Thank you for your support.