Via Satellite

Via Satellite

1973 Plymouth Satellite parked outside a bowling alley. (colored pencils and gel pens / 11x14 inch mixed media paper)

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N. E. Thompson

I am a self taught artist. I have been drawing for over 25 years. I draw my cars using colored pencils and gel pens. I also use paint and other mediums occasionally. I can draw anything from cartoon characters, to cars, to portraits of people. With a vast area of interests, I have a wide variety of artwork, and I am willing to draw anything requested of me. I started out, drawing Disney characters, when I was seven or eight years old. I have continued to develop my skills over a coarse of many years. The focus of my artwork, in recent years, has been on classic cars. I create custom classic car, rat rod, and motorcycle illustrations. Four years ago, I began to offer my art to others, and started sharing it online. I make and sell original drawings and paintings, art prints, and custom shirts with my art on them. My hope is for others to enjoy my work, and that I will keep on developing my skills, and sharing my artwork, for the remainder of my years on earth.

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About Draw To Drive

Draw to Drive started as an Instagram hobby project with a goal to promote car art and design. Talents were everywhere, dispersed all around the world wide web, but they were not connected, they never had a home. We believe that needs to change, so we have gathered a team and developed a social network for car artists and designers as well as car addicts. We have built a garage for your art, and we always have free space for one more car.